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Anna Beckerleg

Anna Beckerleg


I grew up near Madison Wisconsin, and moved to Milwaukee in 2016 to work as a registered nurse in an emergency department. At that time, my fiance and I started investing in properties in Milwaukee before moving to California in 2017 where I continued my nursing career. While in Milwaukee, we first bought the duplex we lived in and quickly fell in love with this city and its energetic atmosphere. After four years of continued investing and creating our own management company from out of state, we decided to move back to Milwaukee so that I can pursue a full time career in real estate.

Real estate has now become my passion and I am here to show you that there is an opportunity for everyone, whether it is investing, buying or selling your home. I am easily adaptable and can specialize to your needs to make this an easy, exciting and successful transaction.  From managing critical cases in the hospital to now navigating complex and stressful business situations, you can count on me as a reliant, trusting, and caring advocate for any of your real estate needs.  I am thankful for this opportunity and look forward to helping you achieve a rewarding experience.


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