Living In Milwaukee

Written By Lance Wooten

Agnieszka Szostakiewicz

Kathleen Klassen made my dream happen, my dream of having my own home. If it wasn’t for her I would be probably still just dreaming. Half a year ago or more I started looking for a house but I couldn’t find anything and I dealt with an agent who wasn’t really interested in helping me. Then I found Kathleen and from the beginning she seemed very excited about helping me to find a house and she kept me updated with all the new listings I may like. I didn’t know what I want and I had little idea where I wanted the house to be. Kathleen provided me with the information about various areas of Milwaukee as I was new to the city. She taught me many interesting things about history and architecture of a given area. She pointed me towards the right direction and quickly figured out what I may like. She found my house for me and made a video of it for me as I couldn’t see it at the time ( I was out of the town). And my offer got accepted mostly because of her advice and recommendations. She led me through the whole process and made it easy for me. As a first time home buyer I had very little if no knowledge about the whole process as well as what to pay attention to in a house. She had patience to answer all my silly questions while never making me feel silly. She is very knowledgeable, and provided me with tons of useful and helpful information. The market is tough now for the buyers and Kathleen fought for me on the “battle field” . She arranged for a mason to come over and give an estimate for his work if needed to be done. She helped me to lower the price for the house so I could do the necessary repairs. When I had a question, I got the answer. When I needed help she was there for me always on my side. Very responsive and awesome at negotiations!!! I loved working with Kathleen and due to her now I have a house. The house is in my style in the area that I feel comfortable and at home. I just love it all. I can’t find words to thank Kathleen enough. I was very lucky to find her and recommend her to anybody interested in housing market.