Living In Milwaukee

Written By Lance Wooten

Les Kaiser

I don’t often take the time to review businesses online, though I do often look at other’s reviews when choosing to do business…it’s time to do my part.

In October, 2018, my wife and I decided and followed through on closing our Property Management business, which included selling 5 multi-family properties (one of which was a duplex we lived in, and acted as our office and warehouse) and also to purchase a new home (6 properties in total). This was all completed in September 2019, under a year, with all of the actual sales closing in a 6 month timeframe.

Prior to getting started, Lance listened to our concerns that this process would take too long, and also that it could move too quickly due to my travel schedule for working a second job; helped us walk through a plan of orderly putting each on the market based on a range of criteria; asked probing questions into our exit strategy; and set realistic pricing … because not only were we closing our business, but we were also leaving our home of 18 years.

I found Lance Wooten of Riverwest Reality to be great to work with, easy to communicate with, and responsive when the process of selling and buying real estate became stressful for me and my wife, and more importantly, able to have transparent conversations to help us stay on track to meet our goals. I highly recommend him.