Living In Milwaukee

Written By Lance Wooten

Makeal Flammini

Kathleen is the measure of what a good realtor is and ought to be. She is so well-rounded in her profession, it was, at times a bit shocking. For starters, she is as smart as a whip. Her understanding of Milwaukee history as it relates to housing, her knowledge of every single aspect of the home you are looking at, her honesty and integrity are exceptional. She is 100% working for you, going to bat for you, and making great effort to understand who you are and what you are looking for. She knows the neighborhoods, what things are selling for, what’s a bust, what’s a steal, she is TOTALLY tuned into the Milwaukee markets. If you have questions more than likely she has answers or knows someone with answers. On top of all that, she made buying a house super, super fun. Her personality is awesome. She helped us purchase our first home and she made it the absolute best possible experience in every single way. She’s got it all, do yourself a favor if you are buying or selling and call her ASAP. I have and will continue to recommend her to any person in need of a sharp awesome lady with impeccable taste.