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Riverwest Realty Milwaukee is a full service residential real estate agency. We are committed to providing the most unique and comprehensive service for individuals interested in buying or selling a home in the Greater Milwaukee area.




I was interested in multiple properties in Riverwest and Kathleen assisted me in weeding out the ones that were not the right fit for me, upon finding the property that worked for me and met my financial needs and goals, she secured an accepted offer, very quickly and in my favor. Not only would I buy in RW again, or in other areas of the city, I would utilize Kathleen not only for her real estate experience and ability to negotiate on your behalf, but her determination to find the perfect property. Can you say, "Real Estate Rock Star"?
Todd Langeness 08/2017
Kathleen was great to work with, easy going and fun, but thorough. We looked at a lot of places, and she was a terrific guide through the process. Our first place didn't work out, and it was definitely stressful, but Kathleen helped us recover from that and get back into looking, and we are really happy with the home we bought.
Jesse McLean 02/14/2017